U.S. government agencies plan to increase their use of facial recognition technology

Ten agencies are also working on research and development in this area, including the Departments of Justice, Defense, City Security, and State. Agencies are changing their objectives, but some report research on well-written bias in many facial recognition systems. For example, the Department of Justice studied the relationship between skin tone and error rate in comparison to facial recognition algorithms. Others are exploring how to make such systems more accurate even while scanning people wearing masks.

The report also demonstrates extensive interagency coordination and sharing of facial recognition and information systems. Many federal agencies report that they have obtained their facial recognition systems from state and local governments. The Department of Homeland Security revealed that the information network “has an integrated mechanism to request third -party face identification searches through listed state and local entities, such as fusion centers.”

A spokesperson for the nonprofit digital rights group is Electronic Frontier Foundation “This important GAO report reveals the federal government’s greater reliance on facial surveillance technology. Its use by law enforcement agencies is particularly disturbing. Although facial surveillance is detrimental to privacy, it is discriminatory. people of color, and likely to provoke improper arrest, so that the government will never use face-to-face surveillance. ”

In June, the GAO was released a report of the face recognition capabilities of the 42 federal agencies employing law enforcement officers. It shows a lot law enforcement Agencies used facial recognition after racial justice protests last summer and the January attack on the U.S. Capitol. The report also showed that 13 of the 42 agencies did not fully understand their own use of the technology. Reporting from BuzzFeed News shows that the GAO report is likely incomplete, with five federal agencies saying they have not used the Clearview AI system before.

Technology adoption is growing at all levels of government. Last March, Clearview AI says 3,100 of the 18,000 federal states, states, counties, and law enforcement agencies in the United States – about 17% – use its software.

There is no U.S. federal regulation regarding the law firm’s use of facial recognition technology, although the law is expected. Many states and cities prohibit law enforcement and government use of software, even if local restrictions do not prevent federal use.

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