I taught myself the good dream. You can too.

“You could argue that REM sleep is a neglected resource,” he said. Benjamin Baird, a University of Wisconsin – Madison researcher studying human thought. “What if we could use this state when people have control over their thoughts and actions and decide what they want to do? It’s possible to use the state for fun and creative problem – solving, and learn how memory works, and all that is different [neuroscience]. ”

Baird thinks a more intriguing application for goodwill could be art. “One approach from the visual artists I met was for them to find an‘ art gallery ’of their true desire and look at the painting hanging in the gallery,” he said. “They wake up and paint what they see. The same can be the same as listening to musical notes. It’s as if someone is doing it, but it’s your own mind.”

A small but growing number of scientists led by Baird and other sleep labs around the world are hoping to find out more about what good mood can do, how it causes it, and if the average person can be taught how to do it regularly. By studying individuals who remember what happened to them in their dreams, these researchers were able to simulate what thought processes were happening in the mind as brain and physiological activity was measured and observed. For example, how does the brain detect specific objects or physical activities that are just happening in the mind? How does it respond to visuals that aren’t really there? How does it mimic parts of consciousness that are never fully known?

Some researchers, like Martin Dresler, a cognitive neuros scientist at Radboud University in the Netherlands, suggests that the wish wheel could be used to combat clinical disorders such as recurrent dreams or PTSD. “I think it’s pretty intuitive and plausible that if during a violence you know it’s not real, that obviously takes most of the kind of sting out of the violent dream,” he said. You can train yourself to wake up and end the dream, or overcome the most obvious feelings of fear and dread by telling yourself that it is a dream.

In a memorable dream I was playing cards with my grandmother, who died years ago. The experience helped me understand how I felt toward him in a way I couldn’t as an ornamental 13-year-old.

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