SteelSeries Arctis Prime Review: A Comfortable and Accurate Gaming Headset

The SteelSeries Arctis The Pro is holy grail of gaming headsets. It feels more comfortable in your head, even if you have a neck of foreign blood during an attack. Destiny 2, and it delivers audio so clearly that it transforms any gaming experience by guiding you into action. Wait, it costs $ 250. That’s why I’m so good at my hand on Arctis Prime. For just $ 100, it has design chops of its more expensive cousin, including audio drivers that compete with more luxurious headsets.

The tree came at a time of unprecedented suffering and apocalyptic heat wave that hit the Pacific Northwest. Like everyone west of the Cascades, I live in a wooded hut with a closet full of flannels and jeans, and a larder full of triple IPAs and craft coffee. We are not people ready for the triple-digit era. In a sweat, I put the headset on my coffee table and treated it like it was a snake, coiled, poisonous, and ready to strike me dead. The idea of ​​putting anything in my head when it was too hot outside felt like a death.

But I did it. For the test, I sacrificed myself. It turned out not to be that bad, and that wasn’t the first surprise Arctis Prime had prepared.

Soothing, Cool, and Calm

Photo: Steelseries

I’m a stickler for ear cups, the little stuffing part of headphones and headsets. If the fabric is weird, the vibe is spoiled. If they’re too hot, I’ll go out. If they wear sweat, mega pass. My favorite is the one at Apple AirPods Max. You know, that $ 550 aluminum carving and mesh. They were already breathing but a lot, loud but separating the sound. The Arctis Prime ear cups are very different but surprisingly similar.

These leathers – a soft -touch leather with a foam lining – are not fabric, but they feel light and plentiful. I kept them for several hours to an hour before they were sweating and squeezing, even on a sunny day. That’s amazing. Typically, ear cups are the first to downgrade when companies try to make a cheaper version of the ear cups. But felt by the Chief tight-fitting as comfortable and light as an ultra-luxe pair. In fact, comparing Arctis Prime to Arctis Pro, they are the same. The build quality is unbelievable, and it doesn’t appear that the SteelSeries is cutting any significant corners.

One thing I don’t like about the Arctis Prime ear cups is how easy they are to get. You can skin them from the headset, but they are really hard to put on. Getting them knows they’re about to break up, which doesn’t inspire confidence. It’s a good idea to clean the ear cups every now and then, but also, they’re part of a headset that wears better over time, and can to replace them means you can extend the life of your headset.

One of the most famous features of the SteelSeries headsets is the ski-goggle headband. It is a heavy piece of elastic fabric wrapped with a strong metal band and secured with velcro. It keeps the headset in place and makes it easy to repair, no matter how big (or small) your head is. The Arctis Prime headband feels like it comes from the more expensive pair of headphones. There’s even a soft rubbery pad on the bottom of the band for extra padding.

Photo: Steelseries

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