Eternity and Movies That Will Save All Movies

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In the past year and a half, little can be done about the state of the cinema other than to attract the hand. Clearly, kita na done amua fair share. And really, what else is there? With the crash of Covid-19 on Earth, theaters were closed, and that was the biggest mine of the world’s problems. Since then, movie lovers have spent a lot of time on video-on-demand and Hollywood has focused on attention, knowing what the hell to do. Do they have to keep all the releases until the theaters are fully open as well? Thrown all over the streaming? Something hybrid? At this point the industry tried almost everything – with different consequences.

In the midst of this — at least now, during the usual summer blockbuster season — are two key players with two distinct approaches: Warner Bros. and Disney. The former announced back in December last year it would release the full slate of 2021 movies on its streaming service, HBO Max, on the same day the movies hit theaters. Meanwhile, Disney, started the year exploring a model where it released movies in theaters but also offered it to Disney + at the same time for 30 dollars a pop. If any gamblers succeed or fail hard to qualify – both increase their streaming subscribers; nor did a film ruin $ 100 million during the opening weekend. Like everyone else, their current situation remains intact.

Which is why there is something new about it eternal trailer as hopeful. Not to be too cautious about it, but in addition to the fact that it looks beautiful, the final teaser also airs an Event Movie, a title similar to Avengers: Endgame or the first Wonderful Woman. Showcasing more Marvel movie shelves to date (Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Atlantaby Brian Tyree Henry, Crazy Asians‘Gemma Chan, Game of Thrones‘Richard Madden and Kit Harington), the film is directed by a fake Oscar winner-Chloé Zhao-and hits a non-popcorn-season date of Nov. 5. Marvel’s mission is flowing, you can’t stop if not Save the movies – or at least save the movies in 2021.

By the time it falls, it has some runway laid before it. Early this summer, Surprised Black Widow well done when it hit theaters and Disney + on the same day. Free Guy was able to overcome box office speculations, even with a theatrical release only and arriving as the Covid-19 Delta variety began to surge. Next: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which will be Marvel’s first exclusive theatrical release in two years when it falls on Sept. 3. Hopefully that eternal could also be a release in theaters; Fans of cineastes and comics can only hope that it will be given to theaters on multiple screens to allow everyone to get a distant social look.

eternal, of course, not alone. With the nearly colliding strategies of Disney and Warner Bros., the film came out just two weeks later Dune—Other autumn releases asking you to see it in theaters. Dune Director Denis Villeneuve has strongly stated that fans have experienced his adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi classic on the big screen, even writing a letter to different making his studio’s decision to release the movie on HBO Max. “Warner Bros. ‘decision means Dune there is no time to make money in order to survive, ”he wrote. The question of money won’t be answered until October, but when it comes to whether to watch Villeneuve’s movie in a theater, eternal director Zhao, who saw an early filming of the film, had thoughts. “It gives me hope that a filmmaker like Denis can really apply his vision and put together something unbelievable, more cinematic,” as he said Sight and Sound Magazine. “I was just taken aback by my experience in that room. But I’m scared about how many people don’t have that experience like I did, in a theater, and what it means for the future. “

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