The Best Dyson Vacuums (2021): V11, V8, and More

Dyson has many sub-models, as the scheme of naming it is not confusing enough. Each has a different number of included joining tools and accessories. Each model (V7, V8, V10, V11, etc.) seems to have introduced new models, so the list continues to grow, and after that there are discontinued sub-models that appear as old stock of website, usually sold.

PERFECT Usually the king-of-the-Hill version with a lot of links. We can’t list them all, as they vary according to the parent model, but expect different brush nozzles, crevice joints, and motorized roller heads to scrub hard tearing on hard floors and from deep-pile carpets.

Outsize V11s have a 25 percent larger head to clean more floor area in each lane and a dust bin 150 percent more than non -Outsize V11s.

allergies Previously it was meant to have an upgraded filter that blocked 99.99 percent of bacteria and dust thus releasing cleaner air than the usual models, but after the V7 all the vacancies on the Dyson stick started including the upgraded filters. It’s mostly a legacy instruction today, and it doesn’t apply to more modern models.

Motorhead sounds good, but it’s the low-end sub-model with a single motor head, a primary brush and crevice device, and that’s part of it. Usually a deterrent from the V7 days. Dyson found other names for the basic sub-models.

Origin and animal there are few connections. Animal does not come with any unique attachments specific to the usefulness of cleaning up after pets; it has been criticized for being a “primary model with few connections.” This is also true for the Origin, even if its name has more meaning.

The Dyson not above also combines the names of the sub-models, so you can see some old stock of V7 Motorhead Origins if you look around. In fact, many of the names Dyson slapped on a model, many connections were associated with it. For example, the V8 Animal Pro has a lot more features than the Animal, but the Animal Pro + has more than that.

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